Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief Sworn In

The swearing in ceremony for the Grand Chief and the Deputy Grand Chief of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta was held earlier this month as part of their Annual General Meeting.

At the event, hosted by Sucker Creek First Nation, attendees witnessed the dedication and commitment of the Grand Chief and the Deputy. These positions are held for a period of one year and are decided through election by the Chiefs of Treaty No. 8 [Alberta].

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Grand Chief Steve Courtoreille

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Grand Chief Steve Courtoreille

Continuing in his position as Grand Chief, is Chief Steve Courtoreille of Mikisew Cree Nation. Joining him as Deputy Grand Chief is Chief Issac Laboucan-Avirom of Woodland Cree First Nation. Both Chiefs are looking forward to working with the other Chiefs to protect Treaty Rights and Treaty 8 lands and territory.  They will also be working collectively at developing a new relationship with Alberta’s newly elected provincial government.

The staff at Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta stated, “We are happy to be continuing the work with such great Chiefs who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Under their leadership we will continue to protect, promote, bring to life, implement and sustain the true spirit and intent of Treaty No. 8 as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the waters flow.”

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  1. Marcel Willier | June 26, 2017 at 12:03 pm | Reply

    I am a band member with Driftpile First Nations and I am inquiring about the cow and plow section in Treaty 8. And also the ammo and twine section of the treaty 8 act. I have not been able to receive any information of payout to members, except that Driftpile is still in negotiations with the government and chief and counsel do not seem willing to discuss this matter. I would like information on the issue. Thank you, Marcel Willier

  2. Same here!! Nothing yet from beaver lake either!!

  3. DION CARDINAL | June 12, 2018 at 12:20 pm | Reply

    getting the same round around here , as with our band leaders\ people want to know what is going on with the cows and ploughs money… why no information
    and definite information is needed, like amount, who gets it. how when? this is all needed to let the people know… so far just getting the run around…WHY???

  4. Ernie Giroux | March 7, 2019 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    Hello I’m Ernie Giroux, from the Driftpile first nations, I would like to know what’s happening with the Cows and Plows, and our treaty 8 first nations here in Alberta, as a first nations Indian I’m concerned as to why our Driftpile first nations hasn’t received our cows & plows money yet, because the swan River, got their money I believe there’s another band up north that got their money, and there’s the five bands in BC that got their money, it doesn’t make any sense why the Government doesn’t just pay all the first nations I mean why does one band get money and the others don’t all its gonna is cause problems, so who can we speak to about it because when ever we ask our chief & council about it the answers we get don’t really answer anything thank you Ernie Giroux

  5. Gladys Prince belcourt | March 20, 2019 at 11:08 am | Reply

    I’m a member of sucker creek Alberta we don’t know what’s going on with cowplow no word yet?

  6. i know everyone wants their cows n ploughs $$ ,but think than what ur gonna be doing about after its all spent …are u gonna se it better yourself ..go to school get a better job ..that lil $$ not gonna las6t for ever

  7. Of course everyone wants their cow & plow money it’s their right, shame on you for trying to pretend you are dumb, as for how the people spend their money it is nobody’s business, and to tell people to go to school and get a job sounds like a apple or a non native has found the website and is trying to stir up the people.

  8. I am a member of Woodland Cree Band and I was curious as to how I find out if our band received their cows and plows?

  9. I am a member of woodland cree first nation I would like to know about the cows and plows as well and how to find out if we were sent it to receive it yet other bands in our surrounding areas got there’s aren’t we not apart of treaty 8

  10. I want to know we’re not being scammed

  11. I am a band member of woodland cree first nation #474 ain’t we supposed to get cows and plows how can I find out please anyone get back to me with a reply

  12. I wanted to know about cows and plows for woodland cree

  13. Why does my comment keep diapaearing

  14. where is woodland cree cows and plows? someone answer me!!

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