Feature artist for July 2015: Aaron Paquette

Gateway of the Sun by Aaron Paquette

This month’s beautiful cover art is entitled “Gateway of the Sun” and it is the creation of the very talented Edmonton-based artist Aaron Paquette.

Paquette is one of Canadaʼs premiere First Nations artists. He is also a painter, writer, keynote speaker, an author and workshop facilitator as well as a political commentator, illustrator, goldsmith and cathedral stained glass artist.

Currently, Aaron Paquette is seeking the NDP candidacy  nomination for Edmonton-Manning.  He is enthusiastic about public service because “Canadians are ready for change. We can and will do far better for all Peoples who live here.”  For information visit aaronpaquette.net.

Artist Aaron Paquette is currently seeking the NDP Candidacy nomination for Edmonton-Manning. The vote is July 23.

Artist Aaron Paquette is currently seeking the NDP Candidacy nomination for Edmonton-Manning. The vote is July 23.

Aaron has gained international renown as an artist and author. He is smart and talented and he is using his gifts to empower others. He is a strong advocate for equality,  justice, health  and literacy for First Nation and Aboriginal women, youth and vulnerable men. His positive motivational messages and social conscience and his successful efforts to encourage Aboriginal literacy with the publishing of Lightfinder have contributed to his appeal as an emerging leader.

He has worked with the Royal Conservatory’s adjunct program -Learning Through the Arts- as both a Mentor Artist and as the First Nations Representative and Consultant in Alberta. This experience focused on providing the skills and background knowledge for infusing differentiated learning within the general curriculum in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Aaron has collaborated with Ministries, Teachers’ Associations, and various community members and teachers, providing region wide teacher workshops and in- school experiences related to the art curriculum that also provide an FNMI perspective. Through this collaboration, he also provides student workshops, professional development sessions and artist-in- residence programs.

A skilled communicator, Aaron has worked with Alberta Education in reconciliation, specifically between communities and school administration. He has worked for years with the Edmonton Public School Board with both in-class sessions and special sessions for promising young artists. The Catholic School Boards in the Central and Northern Alberta region have also enlisted Aaron in many projects ranging from elementary school visits that tie art into curricular learning to mural painting with High School students.

Aaron also has regular art shows in Galleries across Canada, takes on public art commissions, works as a guest curator for The Art Gallery of Alberta, St. Albert’s public Gallery: Profiles, and the McMullen Gallery at the University of Alberta Hospital. He has had a travelling exhibit with the Art Gallery of Alberta called Halfbreed Mythology.

If you live in the Edmonton-Manning riding, Aaron Paquette is definitely one to watch. July 2015 p 1

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