Wakina Gallery celebrates National Aboriginal Day at the Garneau Theatre

(ANNews) – June is a month of excitement and anticipation for Wakina Gallery and its curator Dan Moser. The online gallery is partnering with Metro Cinema for a very special pop-up exhibit of art from the 30-year-old collection of Alberta Native News. The exhibit will be on display at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton until June 30.

‘We are pleased to commemorate the 20th anniversary of National Aboriginal Day celebrations with an exhibit at the Metro Cinema,” said Moser. “The display features several exquisite soap stone carvings by Dene sculptor Anthony Antoine and a number of ink and felt tip paintings by long time Alberta Native News contributing artists Bill Roy, Roger Noskiye and Christopher Chambaud.”

The exhibit includes an eclectic collection of framed illustrations from a very talented group of Indigenous artists that have contributed to the exceptional history of Alberta Native News newspaper. Since its beginnings in 1984, Alberta Native News has been showcasing original Indigenous art as well as providing interesting and informative articles on a broad range of topics related to the Aboriginal communities in Alberta and Western Canada. The highly acclaimed newspaper is distributed to all the First Nation and Metis communities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories. It is also available at albertanativenews.com.

A collection of beautiful soap stone carvings by Dene artist Anthony Antoine are on exhibit at the Gaarneau Theatre for the month of June.

A collection of beautiful soap stone carvings by Dene artist Anthony Antoine are on exhibit at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona for the month of June.

Wakina Gallery is a new online gallery that has teamed up with Alberta Native News to promote its contributing artists.

“We are really excited to be working with Metro Cinema for our first ever pop-up exhibit and sale,” said Moser. “The Garneau Theatre is a such a beautiful artistic venue and Metro Cinema has a strong commitment to culture that it seemed like an ideal fit. This event is an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate National Aboriginal Day with beautiful art by some very gifted artists in a great setting.”

Metro Cinema is a community-based non-profit society devoted to the exhibition and promotion of Canadian, international and independent film and video in Edmonton.  It exhibits an exciting blend of film, video and media arts, that are not screened anywhere else in the city. Metro’s focus is on presenting a broad selection of educational, cultural and innovative works as a form of communication.

“It’s a unique gallery space located in a very artsy part of Edmonton and we can’t wait to show off some of the pieces in our collection,” noted Moser. “Some of the paintings and sculptures we will be showing are already featured on our website (wakinagallery.com), while some are new additions.”

The exhibit will be up at Metro Cinema for the month of June. If you like what you see get in touch with Curator Dan Moser using [email protected]. He can help you set up further viewings, help with shipping of art, prices and delivery.

Metro Cinema is always sure to bring in a great blend of cinematic masterpieces, cult classics, old favorites and new smaller films that you can’t always catch at your local Cineplex.

The Garneau theatre is also available for rent for special screenings and film festivals. The 500 seat venue, concession and bar are perfect for screen related events, live shows, birthday parties, and private functions, and discounts are available for registered non-profits.

Now, in a time when movie theatres are burning down and being bulldozed, Metro is working hard to stay true to the origins of a Community Cinema by programing the Garneau with a bold mix of new and old, seeing globally but responding to local needs and interests, and partnering with more than 50 charities and businesses each year. Visit metrocinema.org.

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