Dreamspeakers Festival – whats happening at Metro Cinema on April 28

Three Feathers, directed by Carla Ulrich, based on the graphic novel by Richard Van Camp will be screened at 7 pm on Sunday April 28 at the Metro Cinema in Edmonton as part of Dreamspeakers Film Festival.

(Edmonton) – Dreamspeakers International Film Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Edmonton from April 26 to May 7 and it is showcasing an exciting lineup of Indigenous films at Metro Cinema (in Garneau Theatre 8712 – 109 Street). Presented in tandem with the 10th anniversary of Rababoo Festival of the Arts, this festival features an unprecedented array of extraordinary artists and their work, across multiple disciplines. Click here for the full schedule of events.

 Dreamspeakers presents and celebrates local, national, and international Indigenous innovation in film. Based in Allard Hall and other venues, Rubaboo is committed to developing and presenting new artistic works by cutting-edge Indigenous artists.  

The award-winning Falls Around Her starring Tantoo Cardinal and directed by Darlene Naponse is the closing feature film for Saturday April 27, 2019. Cardinal has received rave reviews for her portrayal of Mary, a legendary singer who returns home to her northern reserve to reconnect with the land. View the trailer here. 

Another highlight in the Dreamspeakers lineup of feature films is Three Feathers, based on the graphic novel by Richard Van Camp. Three Feathers will be screened at 7 pm on April 28. Listen to author Richard Van Camp describe it here.

Indigenous youth interested in film can participate in Dreamspeakers’ Youth Day on May 2 at Allard Hall which includes a free Talent Search with L.A. casting director Rene Haynes – who specializes in Indigenous projects, including Canadian features Rhymes for Young Ghouls, Indian Horse and the upcoming Blood Quantum and Night Raiders.

Rubaboo features Kaha:wi Dance Theatre and Santee Smith’s Blood, Water, Earth, Making Treaty 7’s Kaahsinnoniks, an inspiring meme creation workshop with @dadfights, Josh Languedoc’s new play Rocko and Nakota, a classic Rubaboo Cabaret with award-winning hoop dancing by Arik Pipestem, a Fusion performance at the Iniw River Lot 11 art park, an exploration of Body Sovereignty with burlesque artists Virago Nation and Iskotew Iskwewak, an empowering Tattoo Medicine for Land Defence Gathering & Action, a stunning display of Indigenous visual art at Galerie Cite, and a special Anniversary Gala to celebrate with films, artists and the Edmonton Symphony Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta (YONA).

What’s happening at Metro Cinema: April 28, 2019

11:30 am – Okichitaw – Refeathering the Warrior (directed by Meegwun Fairbrother. Run time 55 min.) A journey of empowerment for students who rediscover the Plains Cree martial art Okichitaw, a gift of their indigenous culture and traditional teachings.

1:15 pm – Sembradoras De Vida: Mothers of the Land (directed by Alvara & Diego Sarmiento. Run Time 74 min.). Mothers of the Land (Peru, with English subtitles) follows five women from the Andean highlands in their daily struggle to maintain a traditional way of working the land. View the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/304046026

2:45 pm – Three films are featured at 2:45 pm: The Crossing, a 5 min animated short directed by Chris Shaw, which follows hundreds of Tibetans as they make a perilous journey across the Himalayans into India – to flee persecution in their homeland which is occupied by China.

Winayoacha: Eternity, an award winning 87 min feature film with English subtitles, that features stunning cinematography, directed by Oscar Catacora. It is filmed in the Aymara language and tells a moving story about the sun and the moon that will touch your heart and soul. View the trailer here.

Esperanza Del Oriente: Hope of the East, a short film, directed by Patricia Albornoz with English subtitles, that follows a boat sailing from Riberalta to provide medical care for the Indigenous villagers of Portachuelo.

4:30 pm – Quilombo Mata Cavalo, directed by Jurandir Amaral, with English subtitles (Brazil). Indigenous residents of six communities band together to preserve their cultures and conquer regularization of lands inherited from their ancestors. Run time 16 min. View the trailer here.

7 pm – Three Feathersdirected by Carla Ulrich, based on the graphic novel by Richard Van Camp.  When harm is done, justice must heal.  After committing a shocking crime three young boys are sent to live on the land for 9 months to explore the power of restorative justice, and acquire the humility needed to return home and face their past. Run time 44 min. Watch the trailer here.

9 pm – two short films will be screened: Out of Nothing (directed by Alexandra Lazarowich and Janna Kyllastinen. Run time 15 min.) looks at parallels between Western Science’s Big Bang Theory and the creation story of the Shinnecock Nation.  Fast Horse (directed by Alexandra Lazarowich. Run time 13 min.) follows a Siksika horseman as he builds a bareback horse racing team and takes on the best riders in the Blackfoot confederacy.

10 pm – two short films will be screened: Just one Word (directed by Jani Lauzon. Run time 12 min.) tells the story of a successful Metis lawyer surrounded by luxury who seeks to right the wrongs in her community and family. Moa Me Le Pinko: Chicken and Bingo, directed by Amberly Jo Aumua, Courtney Montour and Jesse Littlebird, that tells the story of two random strangers at a cemetery who form an unlikely connection sharing stories and memories. Run time 7 min.

The schedule for April 29 and 30 will be posted here tomorrow.

For ticket information and a full schedule visit dreamspeakers.org.

Some upcoming highlights of the Rubaboo Festival at Allard Hall (1110 – 104 Ave NW Edmonton) are:

Making Treaty 7’s Kaahsinnonik – Wed May 1 at 7:30pm

Kaahsinnoniks, in Blackfoot loosely translates to ancestors, and this performance gives us a paradigm to explore events of the past, present and future, because for us, everything is integrated.


Youth Day – Thurs May 2 from 9am – 2pm

Youth Day empowers young Aboriginal artists and filmmakers to express their creativity, entertain audiences and share their visions.


Free Talent Search with L.A. Casting Director Rene Haynes – Thurs May 2 from 9am – 2pm

Don’t miss your chance to audition FREE OF CHARGE w/ Rene Haynes Casting from Los Angeles, who specializes in Indigenous projects!


Meme Creation Workshop – Thurs May 2 at 3 pm

Get inspired and learn how to make memes with @dadfights.


Kaha:wi Dance Theatre and Santee Smith’s Blood, Water, Earth – Fri May 3 & Sat May 4 at 7 pm,

Blood, Water, Earth is a ritual, an embodied incantation, traversing sacred alignment from cosmos to womb to whenua. Weaving performance, video and music/song, it channels the ancestral, elemental and the dream world. 


Fusion Performance at ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ Indigenous Art Park – Sat May 4 at 2pm – 4pm, 10380 Queen Elizabeth Park Rd

An improvised collaborative performance art piece infusing the lasting impact of the Indigenous public art park.

Body Sovereignty with Virago Nation and Iskotew Iskwewak – Sat May 4 at 8:30pm at Allard Hall

Explore Indigenous body sovereignty with burlesque artists Virago Nation and Iskotew Iskwewak.


Tattoo Medicine for Land Defence Gathering & Action – Sun May 5 at 10am – 4pm, Allard Hall

Tying in body, land and food sovereignty, traditional tattoo artists will gather in Amiskwaciwâskahikan. Tattooing will happen. Everyone will be fed.


Anniversary Gala with Caleigh Cardinal and the Edmonton Symphony Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta (YONA) – Tues May 7 at 7pm

Join us for our Anniversary Gala to celebrate with films and artists!

Click here for ticket information. 


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