EPS launches ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign

By Jake Cardinal, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter 

(ANNews) – The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has launched a new campaign called ‘Know Your Rights,” which is aimed at informing pedestrians on what their rights are during a police encounter.

The initiative will be comprised of wallet-sized cards, brochures, as well as online information. The rights of officers will also be included in the information.

The campaign was said to have been made in response to community engagement sessions that EPS had with Edmontonians.

Insp. Mitchell Flaman of the EPS equity, inclusion and human rights branch said, “Our goal with this educational campaign and content is to make this information more accessible and available to the community.”

“As police officers, we are tasked with maintaining public safety and preserving law and order, however, we recognize that interactions with law enforcement can be stressful. In helping the public understand their rights and officer responsibilities, we hope to minimize any associated feelings of apprehension or concern some members of the community may feel when interacting with or speaking to EPS members.”

It is important to note that the information is not meant to be used as legal advice.

“At the end of the day this is really about helping establish respectful communication between members of the public and police officers,” said Flaman. “I think by virtue of understanding what each person is responsible for doing or cannot do, that assists in having a respectful conversation.”

The information can be viewed online and the physical brochures can be picked up at any one of Edmonton’s six police stations.

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    doesnt matter if hes a native cop
    they are pigs first remember that
    and reconciliation is bullcrap
    if you kidnap my children
    dont fix nothing
    then ask me to forgive you (cops and govt)…. ill tell you to go to hell with your pig cop buddies

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