Liberals announce reconciliation plan for the Metis Nation

WINNIPEG – A Liberal government will work on a Nation-to-Nation basis with the Métis Nation, provinces, and territories to reach meaningful reconciliation and achieve positive results for Métis children, youth, families, and communities, said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

“There is an urgent need to take real action to advance reconciliation with the Métis Nation, and to renew the relationship based on cooperation, respect for rights, our international obligations, and a commitment to end the status quo,” said Mr. Trudeau. “After a decade of Conservative failure, Liberals will work diligently toward meaningful reconciliation with the Métis Nation.”

Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg recently announcing his plan for reconciliation with the Metis Nation.

Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg on September 29,  announcing his plan for reconciliation with the Metis Nation.

A Liberal government will:

  • Immediately establish a negotiations process between Canada and the Manitoba Métis Federation, in order to settle the outstanding land claim of the Manitoba Métis community, as recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in Manitoba Métis Federation v. Canada (AG);
  • Work with Métis groups, as well as the provinces and territories, to establish a federal claims process that recognizes Métis self-government and resolves outstanding claims; and
  • Convert current year-to-year funding, made available to provincial Métis communities for Métis identification and registration, to a permanent initiative.

“Métis individuals and communities face unique socio-economic issues and challenges based on their distinct histories, geographies, and on-the-ground realities,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Improving Métis quality of life requires distinct and innovative approaches, and real partnership with the Métis Nation, as well as with the provinces and territories.”

A Liberal government will also:

  • Undertake a review, in partnership with Métis communities, of existing federal programs and services available to the Métis Nation, to identify gaps and areas where strategic investments are needed in order to improve Métis quality of life;
  • Renew the Aboriginal Strategic Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS) and also expand its funding by $50 million per year;
  • Work with Métis communities, and existing Métis financial institutions, to develop a Métis Economic Development Strategy. We will also provide $25 million over five years to implement this new strategy; and
  • Fulfill the commitment in the Kelowna Accord to enhance existing scholarships and bursaries available to Métis students, in partnership with the Métis Nation.


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