Elder congratulates ANNews for exemplary coverage of National Gathering of Elders

(November 1, 2017) Dear Editor –

John Copley is to be congratulated for his comprehensive summary of the keynote forums, the first of its kind I have seen made available. [Click here to read John Copley’s full article].

Especially he noted the inspiring input of the work of the Grandmothers’ Council of Manitoba (GCM) which had an impact on those attending.

Their work can stand as a model for the inception and work of other Grandmother’s Councils in other provinces. 

Additionally the comments made by Elders present in the forums are also worthy of note.

Even though cameras were recording the entire time, very few videos (mostly under 3 minutes) surfaced of the proceedings of the forums on youtube and facebook or elsewhere.  As a media person from APTN mentioned to me while I was at the conference, the filming of interviews and other footage was restricted.

Long lines of Elder speakers at each forum spoke at microphones to the overfilled halls, and their remarks, as dictated, appeared on overhead screens in ‘real time’. Although it is important that all recommendations made by Elders present are made available for distribution, sadly this has not yet occurred.

I have emailed Judy Kim-Meneen for a set of notes made in each of the forums and she assured me that “The notes will be posted to the website soon” on the National Gathering of Elder’s website. Currently, however, several links on http://www.ngekanata.com/ are no longer available, the notes have not been posted, none are available on facebook which also has a page on the “National Gathering of Elder’s 2017” and she did not reply to my last email.

If it is possible that John Copley knows where or when or who to contact for a more detailed set of notes, I would very much appreciate locating them. 

I can only assume they will be made available to the new team from Peguis First Nation for deliberation in preparation for the next National Elder’s conference.

Best Regards,

Rasunah Marsden, Elder, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation


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