Swan Rentals sets new precedents to benefit Aboriginal Albertans

Alberta’s timber, mining and oil and gas industries provide ongoing and ever-growing economic opportunities for Albertans, and as witnessed in recent years, for many Canadians who make their way to Alberta. As the expansion of industrial growth continues throughout the northern and remote regions of the province so does the need for goods and services. That’s where one of Alberta’s newer businesses comes in, Swan Rentals, a company that announces its purpose as being “one that leaves this world a better place than when we arrived.”

Edmonton-based Swan Rentals Ltd. is a full service provider of rental equipment to firms who operate in the oilfield, construction and commercial industries in Alberta. The company provides such things as rig mats, access mats and camp mats in various sizes and configurations. Walkways, light stands, light plants, fast fences and water pumps complete with diesel engines and rig-savers are among the list of many items available through Swan Rentals. Fluid storage containers are another specialty.

“We have a broad range of mobile fuel tanks, fuel trailers, above-ground steel tanks, acid tanks, insulated tanks, even tank farms,”

Swan Rentals CEO Ian Admiraal

Swan Rentals CEO Ian Admiraal

assured Swan Rentals owner and CEO, Ian Admiraal. “We also have bins – roll off, front load and specialty containers for virtually every possible need.  We have a full line of products required by the industries and commercial outlets that we service, and if we don’t have what you need, we’ll do our very best to find it for you.”

Competition in the rental field is keen but Swan Rentals has a different take on the business – it intends to be a leader, a service provider that sets the industry standards for safety, neutral environment impact, equitable Aboriginal partnerships and engaging client partnerships in meaningful and insightful ways.

“We recognize and appreciate the fact that every company has its way of doing business; we just plan to do it a little bit better,” said Admiraal.

And perhaps with a little more consideration when it comes to working in remote locations.

“We realize that most of the work being done in rural Alberta is happening in and around First Nations and Métis communities and as a result we have very strict policies in place to ensure that Swan Rentals does not leave an environmental imprint on the land. The intent of this policy is to lay the foundation for Swan Rentals Ltd.’s Aboriginal Engagement Process, a process that begins with accepting our responsibility to establish and foster mutually beneficial relationships with the First Nations and Métis communities whose traditional territories are within the areas where Swan Rentals Ltd. conducts its business.”

Transparency, he noted “will be a key ingredient to a business strategy that will welcome joint venture initiatives and partnerships, set new precedents when it comes to honesty and integrity and develop meaningful programs and joint ventures that are mutually beneficial. Our goal is to facilitate dialogue, understanding, management of issues and the development of solutions throughout the life cycle of our operations. Swan Rentals Ltd. will endeavour to be open and transparent, providing local Aboriginal communities with accurate and relevant information as it becomes available.”
Admiraal has already been out visiting with some of the communities in northern and central Alberta.

“I wanted to get input from Aboriginal leaders and communities; I wanted to know what their expectations are, what they want to see from a business that provides services to the industries in their regions. I learned a great deal and as a result we’ve developed a unique Policy and Procedure Manual that not only embraces our way of doing business, but honours the wishes of the Aboriginal communities and the people that live there.”

Swan Rentals is also working on the development of a scholarship program for northern students seeking a post-secondary education.

“Education is the key to the future and success within it,” noted Admiraal, “and as such we are committed to enhancing opportunities for youth. I will be meeting with Aboriginal community members in the coming weeks and with their input we hope to establish a scholarship program in the foreseeable future.”

Swan Rentals, he noted, has “respect for all Aboriginal peoples, their cultures, their opinions, and positions. With that in mind, we will actively work with identified Aboriginal communities to develop the trust, rapport and the understanding necessary to work together in unison. Recognizing that Canada’s Aboriginal people are a separate and distinct society, we will conduct our corporate activities in accordance with the legal rights of First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples as guaranteed by Section 35 of the Constitution and applicable Treaties and we will establish clear roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability for employees, consultants and managers involved in activities that engage Aboriginal communities.
The company’s website is currently under construction but is expected to be up and running in a few weeks. In the meantime, if you have inquiries or want to know more about Swan Rentals and the services they can provide for your business, call Ian at 780-819-3427.

Swan Rentals Ltd. is located at 7668-69 Street in Edmonton.

 by John Copley



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