Recent death of Edmonton woman brings to light concerns of domestic homicide

Edmonton, AB – The recent death of a woman in Edmonton on August 30 brings to light concerns of domestic homicide. While most domestic abuse cases don’t end in murder, those are the cases that bring the issue to the forefront. Between 2000 and 2010, Alberta police reported 245 domestic homicides across the province.

One of Lurana Shelter Society’s goals is to educate the public on how to recognize the warning signs and to act on them. “I’ve heard some people say that domestic homicide is an act of passion, that it happens out of the blue. In reality, the most shocking thing is that most domestic homicide happens after a pattern of risk factors that friends, family members and even co-workers are aware of but hesitate to get involved or to call the police,” says Sister Lucinda Patterson, Board Chair, Lurana Shelter Society.

Our community must work together to create a safety net that provides victims with the supports and resources they need to be able to leave in the first place, and follow that up by meeting their ongoing needs for safety, including adequate legal assistance and affordable housing. Lurana Shelter Society crisis workers are committed to providing the specialized services needed to navigate this unpredictable and challenging path. “If you are being threatened by a current or ex-partner, there is help out there,” advises Liza Sunley, Executive Director, Lurana Shelter. “We get thousands of calls each year and we help every single person try to find a safer place to be.”

If you suspect someone is being abused, jump into action and be their support. Lurana Shelter Society provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and a 24-hour crisis line, 780 424-5875.

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