Poundmaker’s Lodge is hosting a traditional powwow: August 6 & 7

(St. Albert, Alberta) – Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres Society is celebrating on August 6th & 7th 2016 with a traditional Powwow.  Elders, Youth, families and stakeholders are invited to participate in this free public event which celebrates and highlights the numerous accomplishments of PLTC and is an opportunity to come learn and participate in Aboriginal culture.

This cultural event is guided by Elders and will commence at 1:00 pm both days with a grand entry ceremony comprised of Aboriginal Elders and various dignitaries from various levels of government. The event provides participants an opportunity to socialize and engage in our cultural activities and appreciate the richness of the cultural diversity within our community.

“This weekend cultural event will feature opportunities for our treatment centre to engage with the First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities as well as supporting those Albertans maintaining abstinence from drugs, alcohol and tobacco addictions,” said Executive Director Brad Cardinal.  “We believe ongoing engagement through cultural ceremony significantly improves health outcomes amongst our Aboriginal peoples and strengthens Alberta’s health care system. PLTC adheres to our accreditation practices as well as Aboriginal Best and Promising Practices in Aboriginal Health. In addition, we have aligned with Alberta’s Addiction and Mental Health Strategy and continually ensure timely access to treatment thereby meeting the needs of its clientele.”

Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres prides itself on its 40 plus year history of providing exceptional addiction treatment services to Aboriginal populations. Currently, PLTC offers a 42 day adult residential treatment program, a specialized 90 day treatment program for young Aboriginal adults and our Iskwew Healing Lodge for women who require an ongoing supportive environment after residential treatment. Recently, PLTC has undertaken much work to develop its additional sites and offer the full continuum of addiction services.

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