Now There’s 10,500 New Ways To Improve Youth Mental Health in Canada

May 4, 2016 (Toronto, ON) – To coincide with Mental Health Week, Kids Help Phone has launched a new and improved version of Resources Around Me – Canada’s largest online database of youth resources – featuring more than 10,500 youth programs and services, including counselling and mental health services.

In Canada, an estimated 1.2 million children and youth are affected by mental illness, but fewer than 20 per cent will receive appropriate treatment, and approximately one in every nine kids who contact Kids Help Phone are seeking information and referrals to local resources that can help them.

“We hear from kids every day at Kids Help Phone and they’ve told us that searching for local resources and services is difficult,” said Kristen Buckley, Kids Help Phone Senior Manager, Information Referral and Knowledge Mobilization.

Resources Around Me  makes finding local services easy. Kids can now navigate to our mobile-friendly website and access more than 10,500 credible and relevant resources Canada-wide, intuitively organized by service category or resource topic.


Kids Help Phone / Resources Around Me

Fast Facts

10,500 Youth programs and services listed in the new Resources Around Me.
1.2 million Children and youth affected by mental illness in Canada.
80 Percentage of kids who will not receive appropriate treatment for their mental illness.
1,800 Referrals provided to kids by Kids Help Phone counsellors in 2016 alone.
1 Mental and emotional health – the number one issue kids contact Kids Help Phone about.
185 Number of counselling sessions performed daily by Kids Help Phone.
3,500 Number of daily Kids Help Phone service contacts (Live Chat, phone and website).
One-in-nine One-in-nine kids who contact Kids Help Phone are seeking information and referral to local resources that can help them.


“Whether a kid needs a counsellor in Manitoba, a mental health clinic in the Northwest Territories, or a support group in Prince Edward Island, Resources Around Me will navigate them to their closest and most relevant resource.

“We’re always open for kids to call us or contact us via Live Chat, and now with the new Resources Around Me, we’re always there when they need to find out where to turn next.”

Resources Around Me presents the resources across eight categories: Counselling and Mental Health Support; Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Support; Housing Support; Legal Support; Sexual Health; Aboriginal Support Services; LGBTQ Support Services; Violence and Abuse Support.

So far in 2016, Kids Help Phone’s counsellors have provided more than 1,800 referrals to young people.

Visit Resources Around Me here.


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