New, innovative Indigenous management consulting company launched in Alberta

WinFire Business Services is a new innovative Indigenous Management Consulting Company that has opened at the River Cree Crossing Business Park.

by Jake Cardinal  

(Enoch, AB) – WinFire Business Services Ltd. has announced its formal launch of operations.  Located in the River Cree Crossing Business Park, ‘WinFire’ is a First Nation-owned, for-profit management consulting company that reinvests into a social enterprise model dedicated to the growth of Indigenous business.

“We’re collectively creating something that will be an ongoing, self-supporting, and a critical piece for First Nation people to become self-sustaining in business,” said Rocky Sinclair, CEO.

Proudly serving the Indigenous business community since 1997, Terry Coyes, a Métis from St. Albert, Alberta, leads WinFire Business Services Ltd. as the Principal Consultant.  Terry is an evaluative & creative thinker, whose strong deportment, presentation and negotiation skills allow him to successfully respond to and effectively work with his clients to serve their business development needs.

“One of the reasons I joined WinFire is the social enterprise model that has been established,” said Coyes.  “It is a company that reinvests into a social enterprise model dedicated to the growth of Indigenous business.”

Consulting services delivered by WinFire include entrepreneurship education, feasibility assessment, business planning, start-up and aftercare assistance, bookkeeping, as well as strategic planning and project management assistance both existing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The company is committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of Indigenous business through the development of management and governance capacity, and has set the following goals:

Increased numbers of entrepreneurs that obtain commercial financing/term loans to start or expand their businesses;

Increases in the number of business that successfully make it through the start-up or expansion phases of their development;

Increases in the number of businesses that have practical, effective and affordable bookkeeping services available to them;

Decrease in the number of start-up and expansion projects that fail; and

Increase the financial sustainability of Indigenous business operations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic communications facilities, WinFire is able to work from a virtual platform to effectively serve the management consulting requirements of our clients, regardless of location, self-isolation/community restriction measures being implemented through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Whether navigating the assistance available to businesses to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, or providing any other management consulting assistance, our primary objective is to give our clients the tools and resources needed to carry their business initiative to its next stage of development,” noted Coyes.

“We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and believe that WinFire Business Services can be a positive force in helping you realize your business development objectives.”

For more information visit  or call 587-416- 0731.

Jake Cardinal is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter. 


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