Featured Cover Art for December, 2013: Timothy Mohan

The Vision by Timothy Mohan 

Timothy Mohan is a contemporary Métis Artist.  Mohan first received national acclaim for his motif “River Woman” used by Canadian fashion icon and recipient of the Order of Ontario Linda Lundstrom for her “La Parka” series.  His artwork has appeared on the covers of dozens of publications and shown in countless museum solo exhibitions, including a special showing at the

prestigious Toronto Intercontinental Hotel Centre during the Toronto 2010 G-20 Summit.

The self-taught artist combines both Woodland and West Coast influences into his work with his own unique approach to Native and Aboriginal art.  Timothy’s work is full of vibrant colours and spiritual energy, yet at the same time, it’s very soothing and calming.  Mohan’s original paintings made their first television appearance during the Warner Bros.  Television production of “Nikita” which Aired February 17 2012.
For more information visit www.timothymohanmetisartist.yolasite.com/

The Vision December 2013 Timothy Mohan

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