Feature artist for November 2020: Tim Mohan

(ANNews) – The stunning image on the cover of the November edition of Alberta Native News is by gifted contemporary artist Timothy Mohan – titled “The Last Resort.”

The image features a human body stripped down to muscles, a huge clock and a majestic eagle. The human form is wearing a gas mask and is holding Mother Earth surrounded by clouds, smoke and haze. The colours are brilliant, but depict destruction  and devastation with faint images of resource development and skeletons in the background. The inspiration for the painting was the acclaimed song “The Last Resort” by The Eagles, whose powerful lyrics describe the insidious effect that the white colonialists had on Turtle Island through horrific treatment of the Indigenous people, greed and overdevelopment of the land.

The significance of Mohan’s painting in November 2020 during the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is abundantly clear. The clock is ticking while people are dying from the Covid virus and the health care system is overburdened. The wisdom of the eagle offers simple (but seemingly unattainable) techniques to mitigate the virus.

As of December 8, over 430,000 people in Canada have been infected with the virus and over 13,200 people across Canada have died. In Alberta, over 78,200 people have been infected and 697 people have died.  Elderly people living in care facilities and Indigenous people living in remote areas with limited health facilities are among the most vulnerable to extreme illness from the virus.

Worldwide COVID-19 cases now top 71 million, according to data tracked by Johns Hopkins University, and the disease has killed more than 1.6 million people. To date, more than 15.9 million cases and nearly 300,000 deaths have been confirmed in the United States. Over half the cases in the U.S. have been reported in just the past two months.

A vaccine has now been approved and will be rolling out across the world including Canada. But until the vaccination roll out is complete, people have to be vigilant in minimizing contacts with other people, washing their hands, not touching their faces and covering coughs and sneezes.

New restrictions have been announced in Alberta including mandatory mask wearing in all public places and workplaces. More stringent cohort restrictions, gathering restrictions and travel restrictions are also in place. Click here for a full listing of safety restrictions that have been put in place to curb the rise in infections and diminish the stress on health care systems.

Tim Mohan’s painting “The Last Resort” illustrates the devastation that is taking place due to greed, a lack of regard for humankind and overdevelopment of Mother Earth – and that wisdom of the Elders can save us. This applies to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the Climate Crisis.

Mohan is well known to readers of Alberta Native News as he has been featured many times on the cover and inside the pages of Alberta Native News over the last 20 years and his covers are among the most complimented.  He is a prolific artist and his art crosses as many genres as his imagination allows ranging from wildlife to Aboriginal Spiritual themes to Rock and Roll legends and environmental activism themes. Within each painting there are often hidden images so there is always something new to discover.

Self-taught and colour blind, Mohan combines photography, painting and drawing to create vibrant art that is influenced by his Indigenous ancestry.

About his artistic process, Mohan says, “What many seem to appreci­ate in my artwork is the way multiple visual elements, derived from a variety of sources and inspirations, including my Native ancestry, wildlife and nature, are fused together into a multilayered, cohesive whole. To achieve that end result, I combine different artistic mediums, applying modern tools and techniques to the creative process.”

Mohan’s art can be found in many private and public collections. He has recently participated in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Ontario as well as in select cities in the US. His beautiful images are also available as wearable art and home decor. Click here to view and purchase his prints and wearable art.

Mohan is also very kindhearted and generous and gives back to the community whenever possible – particularly to the Canadian Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers/Big sisters and Mothers Against Drunk Driving – all very worthy endeavours that are close to his heart.

Tim’s stunning glossy prints are available for purchase at artofmohan.com. “The Last Resort” looks powerful on the cover of our November edition and it is even more breathtaking as a glossy print in a frame.  The prints are very reasonably priced and make great gifts – for yourself or your friends.


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