Feature artist for July 2017: Tim Mohan

(ANNews) – The beautiful art on the cover of the July 2017 issue of Alberta Native News is by the extremely eclectic and talented contemporary artist Tim Mohan; it is entitled “Believers.” The image portrays a joyful wonderment of a young girl and the deep emotional bond between child and mother with tranquil anticipation of the new birth. The two figures are protected by their ancestors flying above them. The colours are soft and lovely with a floral motif depicting femininity. It is a truly lovely image that evokes a smile with every viewing.  

Mohan has been featured many times on the cover and inside the pages of Alberta Native News over the last 20 years and his covers are among the most complimented.  He is a prolific artist and his art crosses as many genres as his imagination allows ranging from wildlife to Aboriginal Spiritual themes to Rock and Roll legends, Indigenous leaders and environmental activism themes. Within each painting there are numerous hidden images so there is always something new to discover.

Self-taught and colour blind, Mohan combines photography, painting and drawing to create vibrant art that is influenced by his Native ancestry.

About his artistic process, Mohan says, “What many seem to appreciate in my artwork is the way multiple visual elements, derived from a variety of sources and inspirations, including my Native ancestry, wildlife and nature, are fused together into a multilayered, cohesive whole. To achieve that end result, I combine different artistic mediums, applying modern tools and techniques to the creative process.”

Mohan’s art can be found in many private and public collections. He has most recently participated in solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Ontario as well as a solo exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. His beautiful images are also available in prints and as wearable art. Click here to view his prints and wearable art.

In addition to his paintings, Mohan is also very creative and talented musically. Earlier this year, he created an audio poem and video entitled, “Three Faces” that was presented at a Reconciliation Forum at “The Museum” in Kitchener. He also composed a song entitled “Hurt Atmospheric Mix” that has aired on MBC Radio Network.

Mohan explained his love for music in a recent article. He said, “In my teen years, I found that music deeply influenced my artwork. Albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles were magical. With the volume turned up to the maximum, I could close my eyes and drift into the music. Often, images would pop into my head and I would see the artwork completed before I even started. All I had to do was reach into my mind and grab it. It’s an incredible feeling and to this day I cannot create artwork without music playing.”

Mohan is also very kind hearted and generous and gives back to the community whenever possible – particularly to the Canadian Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers/Big sisters and Mothers Against Drunk Driving – all very worthy endeavours that are close to his heart.

Click here for more information about Mohan, his artistic process and to view his unique and brilliant creations. 


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