Early Bird Registration is now open for Children are our Sacred Bundle conferences in Osoyoos and Calgary

(July 3, 2018) – ‘The Children Are Our Sacred Bundle Conference’ in both Osoyoos and Calgary are now open for early bird registration! 

The Osoyoos conference will be held on September 12 – 14, 2018 at the Spirit Lodge and the Calgary conference will be held on October 3 – 5, 2018 at the Grey Eagle Casino. 

Visit https://youtu.be/rgadAAkSUzM

Please secure your seats before the early bird registration deadline on July 15, 2018!  The early bird registration fee is $495 + GST and as an added incentive, when your organization purchases three or more tickets an additional $10 discount will be applied.

‘Children are our Sacred Bundle’ is a national Indigenous grassroots reconciliation event that encompasses Indigenous people, sharing their stories and collaborating with mainstream society to come together in starting a dialogue through an experiential exercise that will create better outcomes for Indigenous families and will recapture the most important resource in our community, Our Children.

“We have speakers from Alberta and British Colombia that share an Indigenous worldview, and we will examine history and current trends that are affecting families today,”  says Karen English, from Kamotaan Consulting. “Our conference utilizes a unique solutions-based approach that revolves around the First Nation communities that we’re hosting in with an emphasis on their wisdom keepers.

 “The purpose around ‘Children are Our Sacred Bundle’ is to highlight the importance of Indigenous children in our community, something we have lost over the years due to colonization, residential school, and child welfare scoop.”

Our History:

This conference is sponsored by Kamotaan Consulting an Indigenous grass roots business established in 2003 by Karen English.  Karen English is a Blackfoot woman from the Piikani Nation part of the Blackfoot Confederacy.  She has 27 years’ experience working as a social worker in the Human Service Field.  

She is the first “free” generation in her family after her ancestors signed the Treaty #7 in 1877. After signing the Treaty her people were placed on reservations and not allowed to leave without written permission from the Indian agent.  Her mother, father, grandparents, and great grandparents were all Residential School survivors.  

Karen has overcome many personal traumatic experiences throughout her life and has been able to see past the trauma.  She believes these experiences have motivated her to want to be part of a solution that can help Indigenous people reclaim their place here in Canada. Karen has spent a lifetime wanting to be a role model in creating a life of possibilities.  She completed her Bachelor of Social Work and continues to work within the systems to create more grass roots and holistic ways of working with Indigenous families and communities.  

On April 28, 2015 Karen’s most traumatic experience occurred when her Niece and Nephew were both brutally murdered.  This horrific tragedy was very devastating for Karen and has motivated her to want to continue to find solutions, so that tragedies like this are no longer outcomes for Indigenous families.  Karen’s dream was to encourage that all children are safe and free from harm and that every child grow up in communities that care.  

“As an Indigenous Social Worker, I have seen many gaps in our current system,” explains Karen. “The main gap has been the lack of grassroots programming encouraged by Indigenous communities.  Our current systems require standards that are not seen through the eyes of Indigenous communities which fails to meet the needs of Indigenous people.  I feel as an Indigenous Social Worker our Communities need to begin creating their own standards and grassroot programming.”

Children are Our Sacred bundle has now gone nation wide!

A successful conference was held in  Edmonton, AB from June 20-22 2018 at the River Cree resort. Upcoming conferences will be held in Osoyoos, BC from September 12-14 2018 at the Spirit Lodge and Calgary, AB from October 3-5 2018 at the Grey Eagle Casino. Registration is now open for all 3 events.

To register or for any questions or comments, call 1 800-719-5154 or email [email protected] Please continue to check our websites for more information on new conferences and workshops.

Visit  www.caosb.ca and www.kamotaan.ca. Facebook: @CAOSB2018. Instagram: kamotaan2018. Twitter: @kamotaan2018.

“When we stand strong in unity, understand our past and present, we can create solutions for a brighter future together.”

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