Building a more inclusive and efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem for Alberta Women

(ANNews) – Work is underway to build a more inclusive and efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem for women in Alberta.

Recognizing the opportunity to leverage the combined strength of entrepreneurial services, resources, and expertise across Alberta, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, and 68 entrepreneurial service organizations took a collective impact approach to better address the barriers and opportunities for women entrepreneurs through the Strengthening Partnerships Initiative. The initiative recently released an Impact Report – Leveraging Economic Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Alberta outlining the work done and the recommendations to move forward.

Launched in January 2020, the individuals and organizations involved in Strengthening Partnerships shared the common agenda of identifying the challenges for women entrepreneurs and solving them using a structured form of collaboration. After consulting with diverse stakeholders, including women entrepreneurs across Alberta, a steering committee from diverse organizations was formed to undertake high-level visioning, set the strategic direction, and provide the leadership required to ensure success.

“With the work done, we have the opportunity to fully address the barriers and unlock the full potential of women entrepreneurs,” said Marcela Mandeville, CEO of Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). “We know we are on the right path, and we will continue to work together to build a powerful future with the support of leaders from across Alberta.”

Along with the Strengthening Partnerships initiative, AWE has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through coaching, mentorship, leadership development, business advising, access to capital, and access to networks over the last 26 years.

To learn more about the work done by AWE and read the entire Impact Report, visit The work done by Strengthening Partnerships was made possible because of the funding support from the Department of Women and Gender Equality Canada.



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