Xavier Kataquapit: The Future Of The Pandemic Is Our Hands

Under the Northern Sky Columnist Xavier Kataquapit

by Xavier Kataquapit

(www.underthenorthernsky.com)  – There is light at the end of the tunnel. Things are opening up gradually and most of us are appreciating that as the days go on. People are now able to have a meal or drink on patio restaurants, go shopping in most stores and even get together in small groups. However, we all should know that if we want to see a return to normal or some sort of normal we have to still follow the rules by wearing masks, staying two meters apart and washing hands often. That will get us back to normal.

Of course by now many people have had two shots of a Covid-19 vaccine and that makes us all safer by the fact that if we do pick up the virus, we will be less likely to end up in a hospital or dead. So get those vaccines if you have not done so already.

People are getting together with family and friends for the first time in more than a year and a half. That is fantastic and means that grandparents can see their grandchildren again, we can visit safely with family and friends and we can move about more freely. As humans we are social animals and most of us crave the company of others. It is a relief for so many of us that we can socialize again.

Summer for all of us in the north is precious and short. We are excited about the days being longer, the trees budding, flowers blossoming, insects buzzing, frogs croaking, birds singing and the comfort of a warm sun on our faces. Summer is so full of life and in the midst of it, viruses have a more difficult time to be spread among us due to the fact that we are spending more time outdoors together rather than in close contact indoors. Despite the benefits of summer weather, the United Kingdom right now has yet another wave of the Covid19 virus in new variants. It is alarming that even in the summer that is happening and it should give us all cause for concern. Things are looking good here in Ontario and most of Canada but we have to be aware that to keep this virus under some management we will have to be careful and keep each other safe.

I had two doses of Moderna vaccine and my last dose was a month ago. I have done some research on the side effects of vaccinations and understood that they may negatively impact some people. After my second shot, I was one of those poor people that became very unwell and the effects kept me in bed for two days. As quickly as these ill feelings appeared, they went away and I was well again but a couple of weeks after, there were days where I felt somewhat tired and unwell again. As unwell as I felt, I understood that this was a far better situation than taking the chance in catching a virus that may place me in a hospital with severe conditions and the chance of dying. My point is that even getting a little sick has a negative impact on our lives and health so why not be more careful and follow the rules until we know for sure how well managed this virus is.

If we are all careful and vaccinated then we can look forward to travelling again and visiting family and friends, going to events, playing and watching sports and visiting our favourite restaurants. It looks like this will be a reality very soon with each passing day. I understand that we are all fed up with this pandemic and the restrictions we have had to deal with to stay safe but now is not the time to throw all caution to the wind. Let’s remember to be good to each other and to take good care of one another so that we can get our lives back. We all have family and friends who are not in great health or are elderly and if they get sick with anything it poses a danger to them.

What we have learned in this pandemic are basic ways to stay safe and follow some basic rules that keep us from getting sick. It is not that big a deal to keep following some of these easy to do and safe rules. Wear your mask indoors and when you are in close contact with crowds of people. Don’t go into public spaces or work places if your are sick. Keep two metes apart if possible. Wash your hands often and make sure you cast your vote to elect governments that will invest in health care, education, transportation and safe workplace initiatives. The future of this pandemic is in our hands.



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