The spiritual world of a fertility shaman

By Regan Treewater, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

(ANNews) – Since her spirit first entered her body at the age of five, “I remember it so clearly,” Cindy Simpson Jurado, a Calgary-based Metis, from the Treaty 8 Mikisew Cree First Nations band, a fertility shaman, has always had a deep natural connection with Mother Earth.

“For as long as I can remember I have had a very strong understanding of the emotional wellbeing of those around me, and energies that often can go unnoticed,” explained Simpson in a recent phone interview. As a child, Simpson would bring these observations and supernatural insights to her mother’s attention: “She would tell me to just pray.”

Cindy’s mother, Marguerite Simpson, a survivor of the Holy Angels residential school was traumatized by her experiences, and after liberation was left with the haunting influence of Catholic indoctrination, while still possessing a deep spirituality of her own roots. As a child, aware of the worlds both seen and unseen, Simpson began to see her multidimensional awareness as a gift after her very own spiritual healing encounter.

“I believe my mother had this ability as well, but that because of all she had endured, unfortunately, she had learned to suppress it,” she noted. According to Cindy, her maternal grandmother, Pauline Simpson also had the gifts of a healer, and this tradition of spiritual caregiving seems to be passed down as a family tradition.

“In the time to come we will see intense shifts in energy and how this cultural medicine manifests in our environment,” Simpson explained. After the loss of three family members in 2014, Simpson underwent a spiritual awakening; her spiritual gifts catalyzed where she discovered her capacity for healing, prophecy, and tapping into the heavenly realms of manifestation not of her own. This led her on an entirely unexpected path, setting her off course from the one she had previously been pursuing as a certified Hospital Unit Clerk. Despite struggling to accept her rare talent, Simpson is gaining international recognition to help facilitate journeys in support of infertility.

This was highlighted with her very first encounter. “My husband and I went to a friend’s home for an evening get-together,” she said. “The guys went off to the kitchen and were playing cards, while us women got chatting in the living room adjacent. The hostess happened to mention that she had been trying for some time to conceive and seemed stressed. That night, after leaving, I felt guided to pray on her behalf and passed along her hopes to the spirit world,” Simpson explained.

Several months later Simpson would receive the news that this woman was in fact pregnant with her first child. “The babies that come into this world choose their parents,” according to Simpson, and this woman’s unborn child could not wait to meet her mother and father. In communication with Simpson through visions within dreams, the pre-born baby girl wanted her mother to know how much she enjoyed the peanut butter that was feeding the soon-to-be parent’s cravings, and that she wanted lots of pictures of her grand entrance into the world. “When I contacted this woman to pass on the message, along with other details shared with me right before her due date, she was amazed yet pleased by the accuracy of it all.”

Since then, Simpson’s healing space has been a place of emotional and spiritual restoration and purification for many women. Each road to greater balance is different. Simpson explained: “We are to take action aligned with Spirit at this time, a soul walk led by our ancestors into the unknown. We should not dwell on the past hardships but use them to our advantage to help better ourselves. All the hardships, challenges and even blessings have been designed to support us in the journey ahead.”

Fertility challenges are a reality for so many couples and have created a multimillion-dollar industry. Simpson is very clear with her guests that the healing she guides is intended to complement and highlight the virtues of modern medicine – not replace it. Yet, with so many success stories from women who have worked with this fertility whisperer, the need for greater spiritual balance – while removing the blockages and healing the root causes of suppressed emotions, childhood trauma and pressures of society – should certainly become a consideration in the conception journey.

“Given all their reproductive organs are well intact, these mothers-to-be can experience meeting and greeting their pre-born baby or babies in the spirit world themselves during their fertility session(s),” said Simpson. “They usually come with a healing message.”

Before Simpson’s mother passed in November of 2022, she had an occasion to undergo her very first guided spiritual voyage of healing. She awoke after her session and announced that she had reunited with Cindy’s grandmother, who spoke their mother tongue, in Dene and referred to her granddaughter as “ananatia” – medicine woman.

“In the near future I hope to see more collaborative cooperation between traditional healers and trained medical professionals,” Simpson elaborated.

What Cindy Simpson Jurado does is an act of loving spiritual rebalancing and healing separation. Sometimes, as she is very quick to explain, this can be an emotionally yet satisfying committed process, but one that will improve the guests internally, leading to physical manifestations as well. She is the go-to and highly recommended First Nations fertility shaman and life coach with a sincere desire to help those she comes in contact with on a soul level. Her testimonials speak for themselves.

Those wishing to explore support for their less invasive fertility journeys, or even those just wishing to achieve harmony between their spiritual self and physical well-being should contact Cindy without delay. Her treatments are centred at Soul Sanctuary Blessings, located in Calgary but she also offers remote sessions globally at 403.630.2297 or at 



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