Our feature art for January 2018: Hoar Frost Beauty Ways

(ANNews) – The beautiful image featured on the cover of the January edition of Alberta Native News is entitled “Hoar Frost Beauty Ways” and it is excerpted from “Stories of the Bush: Traditional Teachings Calendar” published by Circle Teachings Publishing.

The Beauty Ways Teachings, as described by anskotapan Henry Laboucan and Dylan Lightbourn, are “held by Mother Earth and Earth Mother and contain our greatest hope for walking in harmony with natural law.”

They explain in the “Stories of the Bush” that “when we live the Beauty Ways and teach them to our children, the world becomes a healthier place.”

The “Hoar Frost Beauty Ways” is well suited to January and February in Alberta and the north. It symbolizes “the trees shivering off ice crystals and snow, signaling for the eagles to return and make way for the other birds who will come soon.”

This is one of the many teachings contained in “Stories of the Bush: Traditional Teachings Calendar.” The teachings have been shared with the vision that communities can be strengthened through the revitalization and resurgence of traditional values, storytelling, ceremonies and cooperation principles.

For more information and to place an order for calendars, visit circleteachings.ca.

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