The wildfire is still classified as out of control and continues to burn approximately 4 km west of the community. Overnight the fire burned to the south and southwest, away from the community. Approximately 200 North Tall Cree residents were evacuated on July 2 to High Level.

There are currently 121 wildfires in Alberta, with 52 classified as out of control.  Other fires that are being monitored closely include a wildfire burning 15 km north of Meander River, where 400 residents are on an evacuation alert and a fire burning 50 km west of High Level that is putting heavy smoke into the community.

The Provincial Forest Fire Centre, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, and Government of Alberta continue to work closely with affected communities.

Firefighters are working hard to address the wildfires across the province, with priority given to the protection of Albertans and their communities.

More than 1,700 firefighters, 180 helicopters, 150 pieces of heavy equipment, and 18 air tankers have been deployed. Another additional 80 firefighters are being brought in from other jurisdictions early next week, followed by between 80 to 100 firefighters later in the week.

Since April 1, 2015, Alberta has recorded more than 1,272 fires, which are estimated to have burned more than 300,000 hectares.

While a temporary fire weather advisory was lifted at noon today due to improving weather conditions, the fire hazard remains high to extreme across the north and central portions of the province.