Feature artist for May 2023: Kalum Teke Dan

(ANNews) – Kalum Teke Dan is a talented artist whose powerful painting of a Warrior appears on the cover of the May 2023 edition of Alberta Native News. The image is part of a book by author Jean Miso titled Warriors & Nations: Voices from the original people. The book gathers and chronicles the stories of Indigenous war veterans from coast to coast and features amazing images by artists that depict warriors in every region of the country.

Kalum’s art can be viewed in large public murals throughout Calgary including at the Central Public Library, the atrium at City Hall and a massive mural that measures 73 metres wide, located on the southwest corner of where the Blackfoot and the Glenmore Trails intersect.

His art can also be viewed in a mural at NorQuest College in downtown Edmonton. The mural – “Power Spirit” – was etched into the glass facade of the college’s Singhmar Centre for Learning, which features a library and an Indigenous student centre.

Kalum, a member of Southern Alberta’s Blood Tribe, largely learned his craft by doing it. His raw talent has combined with his tenacious desire to create art and constantly improve his techniques. And the results have been spectacular.

“I want everybody to look at these [murals] and be proud, be proud of where they are. We’re on Blackfoot territory,” he said. “We’re trying to show what we’re about. We are very proud people.”

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