Continuous Safety and Inspections: restores and renovates projects across Alberta

When Métis entrepreneur Dan Deschamps launched his safety inspection company a few years back, he knew it would take some time before he’d be able to compete with the biggest names in the industry. Over the years, Deschamps, a businessman by nature, had been involved in a number of enterprises, most of which had garnered him a decent living. When he created Edmonton-based Continuous Safety and Inspections Inc. (CSII) it was a new venture, but the nature of the business was anything but new.  Dan had decided to pursue success by concentrating on what he was good at and what he knew a great deal about – renovation and restoration.

CSAII Owner Operator Dan Deschamps

CSAII Owner Operator Dan Deschamps

“We are a renovation and restoration business that maintains a sincere commitment to safety, both in the home and in the workplace,” Deschamps explains. “Our team brings more than 25 years of practical, hands-on experience to the job site, and each member is fully certified to perform their specified duties.”

Deschamps holds a diploma from NAIT and is a qualified occupational health and safety consultant. He and his team are able to provide expert services in areas that include Water Restoration Technicians, Applied Microbial Remediation, Biotech Remediation, Asbestos Abatement and Odour Control. They are also experienced and fully equipped to deal with any type of mould issues and provide services that include framing, insulating, dry walling, taping and painting. The company also provides hazard assessments, and safety consulting services.

“We are thorough and professional in all areas of endeavour,” assured Deschamps, “and are particularly proficient in the areas in which we specialize, complete or partial interior and exterior renovations and disaster restorations, where we hold certifications in Water Restorations, Fire and Smoke Damage, Applied Microbial and Biotech Remediations.”

Continuous Safety and Inspections Inc. works with homeowners and with commercial businesses and is currently looking to expand its horizons.

“I know that there are a lot of Aboriginal communities throughout Alberta, both First Nations and Métis, that have houses in need of repair – and that’s one of our specialties,” noted Deschamps. “I’d really like to hear from both individuals and community and business leaders because I know that we are able to look after their needs. Restoring and renovating an older home is much much less than building a new one and we’d like to have the opportunity to deliver a quote when you have a problem that needs solving. We are fully equipped and ready to go, so give us a call and we’ll meet or exceed your expectations.”

No matter what the job, noted Deschamps, CSII can and will deliver on time and within budget.

“We have a growing list of satisfied clients, each of whom has lauded our responsible workers and our ongoing professionalism. We understand the importance of honesty and integrity and as such we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are pleased with the consistent quality of our work and the expertise that we bring to the job.”

Sometimes a mechanical or electrical issue comes into play on a job site. “Those are two areas that require special talent,” noted Deschamps, “and until we can bring a full time person on board who has both a journeyman’s ticket and some practical experience on the job, we’ll continue to farm the work out by bringing in professional mechanical and electrical contractors on a job-by-job basis.”

Safety on the job, in the home, within a commercial property – in fact safety no matter where you are or what you are doing, is important to the experts at CSI Inc.

“We maintain an outstanding safety record and we offer safety consulting to businesses and homeowners throughout this region and beyond, and that commitment remains intact when it comes to renovating and/or restoring both residential and commercial properties,” noted Deschamps.

The company, which has grown considerably during the last year, is looking at securing a new office and warehouse space, perhaps as early as this fall.

“That’s one of the next few steps we plan to take, hopefully by year’s end,” noted CSII Office Manager Starla Laronde. “Once we have established ourselves in a larger location we will also be in a position to have instructors teaching classes such as WHIMIS, First Aid, Respiratory fit testing, flagging and more. Our people are currently undertaking courses so that they in turn will be able to act as instructors in the near future.”

Continuous Safety and Inspections is a family-based, Métis-owned and operated business.

“We understand Aboriginal culture and tradition and we have great respect for our brothers and sisters,” assured Dan Deschamps. “If you are dealing with problems that need to be removed, replaced, restored or renovated, give us a call and let us fulfill our vision – to alleviate you from the often disastrous effects of weather, water, fire and illness-creating mould. No matter how big or how small the job, we will complete it on time and within budget – you can count on us.”

For more information and to learn how you can have CSII experts tackle the issues you are facing, check out the website at: or call the office at 780-920-2070.

 by John Copley 




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