Celebrating Local Indigenous Voices at The Local Heroes Film Festival

by Deidre Thomas, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter 

(ANNews) – The Local Heroes Film Festival, managed by the Edmonton Short Film Festival, will be representing and hosting a collection of  Indigenous short films (30 minutes long) at a  screening event on Thursday, June 29 from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM.  The event will take place outdoors at the Dreamspeakers Centre (11051 97 St NW) for movie fans to gather and celebrate the fantastic works of various Indigenous actors, writers, producers and directors.

“Back To Ste. Madeleine” directed by Jack Belhumeur will be one of the anticipated short films that will be featured during the event. Collaboration, inspiration and instinct were at the forefront when it came to deciding the direction and actors needed to produce a thought-provoking film. “When an actor and director hit it off sometimes magic happens,” says Belhumeur.

Sponsored by the Dreamspeakers Festival, the event expects to bring individuals passionate about learning and supporting Indigenous culture, especially here in Edmonton.  It is a time to celebrate the works of Indigenous talent in the city as the country celebrates National Indigenous History Month – a month to recognize and uplift the history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples across Canada.


Featured short films will include:

Back To Ste. Madeleine directed by Jack Belhumeur

Jack Belhumeur invites the viewers on a ride along as he travels with his father and son to the site of their ancestral community. Jack tells the dark history but paints a brighter narrative of resilient and strong people with strong roots.

Kaashkitamaashoo directed by Chantelle Marie Anderson
A woman’s exploration of her Métis identity; the quieting of her inner voice saying she’s not ‘Indigenous enough’.

Mary Mackagonne directed by Sean Smith
The film is about Mary Mackagonne, a Swampy Cree woman who goes entirely uncredited in Canadian history. The wife of Peter Fidler, a map-maker for the Hudson’s Bay Company, she lived the life of a trader, canoeing alongside him on his expeditions and contributing labour to the building and maintaining of forts while also caring for their fourteen children.

Obscheenies directed by Barry Bilinksy
A new roster of camp counsellors arrive at a lakeside resort for the summer, but they quickly learn that the stories are true: there is more in the woods than you know.

The Hadlee Projects directed by Brandon Wilson
Hadlee begins living with her weekend dad Michael, permanently. With their worlds converging, Hadlee, a loveable and quick-witted opportunist tries to navigate life with Dad but things don’t go as planned when she takes matters into her own hands.

For more information visit www.esff.ca.

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