Alexander First Nation enters agreement with Native American Resource Partner

CALGARY, ALBERTA (Marketwired – Nov. 3, 2015) – Alexander First Nation (the “Nation”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Opportunities Alliance Agreement (the “Agreement”) with the Native American Resource Partners (“NARP”), a private investment and development firm specializing in structuring, financing, and implementing natural resource projects with First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples in Canada and Tribal Nations in the United-States.

The Nation, with a Reserve land base of 23, 681 acres, is located approximately 30 kilometres northwest of Edmonton in central Alberta, Canada, and has 5,690 acres of additional Reserve lands located in the Fox Creek area, approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Edmonton in the emerging Duvernay energy play fairway, and also at Fort Assiniboine.

narpThe purpose of the Agreement is to align the long term commercial interests of the Nation with a company that has a proven track record of successfully partnering with First Nations to create economic value. NARP brings over three decades of specialized experience to assist the Nation in assessing and implementing the potential new ventures and business opportunities that it is poised to benefit from because of the strategic location of its Reserve lands and traditional territory.

By entering into the Agreement the Nation is able to utilize NARP’s substantial technical and financial expertise to analyze potential economic, business and commercial ventures associated with the Nation’s various resources, lands and traditional territory, and the complete associated value chain. NARP evaluates the business opportunities for their investment potential and structures partnerships with the Nation where NARP provides capital and expertise to incubate the projects for the mutual benefit of both the Nation and NARP.

Alexander First Nation Chief Kurt Burnstick

Alexander First Nation Chief Kurt Burnstick

Chief Kurt Burnstick commented, “Commercial activities and natural resource development in Alberta has been taking place on First Nation lands and traditional territories for many years and First Nations have rarely benefitted in any meaningful way. In order to align ourselves with industry we need to participate in the capital intensive energy and natural resource projects being proposed. While employment, small businesses and capacity building are important to our Nation to develop our own revenue sources, our long-term future and financial independence depends on building the service companies that are utilized by industry. Participating meaningfully in the hundreds of millions of dollars of resource activity taking place in our traditional areas will provide Alexander First Nation with the revenue base to address the socio-economic needs of our membership in a way that limited employment opportunities cannot. alexander_logo2

“Our Nation is being proactive by putting in place a relationship that will allow us to recognize and capitalize upon potential business opportunities, particularly those associated with supporting the development of the Duvernay play in the Fox Creek area. We have now aligned ourselves with a company that provides both capital and capacity, which ultimately will provide significant economic benefits to the Band, and assist us in growing our businesses until we have built the capacity necessary to run the companies ourselves.

“NARP has demonstrated a track record of working with First Nations to understand our needs and to develop commercial opportunities in a way that puts First Nations on a path towards financial independence. The Opportunities Alliance Agreement is a big step in securing Alexander’s future for generations to come and we look forward to working with NARP on evaluating and developing our Nation’s opportunities.”

John P. Jurrius, President and CEO of NARP noted, “We’re extremely pleased about entering into the Opportunity Alliance Agreement with Alexander. Their Reserves and traditional territory are strategically located in areas that will see significant commercial and resource activity in the future.

NARP CEO John Jurrius

NARP CEO John Jurrius

“Chief Burnstick and Council have shown real leadership and understanding of the need to be proactive in ensuring that these activities benefit the Nation through increased opportunities in employment, equity participation in resource development in the region, and potentially more financial resources to address the challenges of their communities. As we develop our relationship with the Nation we look forward to many successes including Alexander becoming a partner in our oilfield services company, Tribal North Energy Services.”

About NARP

NARP is a private investment and development firm specializing in structuring, financing, and implementing natural resource projects with First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples in Canada and Tribal Nations in the United-States.


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  1. Loretta Burnstick | November 10, 2015 at 11:27 pm | Reply

    As a member of this First Nation, I did not agree to this. I along with many others were not consulted! The Leadership had no business signing this on my behalf!!!!

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