Alberta Native News is celebrating 30 years of publishing

Alberta Native News is celebrating its 30th year of publishing with the launch of a new revamped website located at

The site’s homepage welcomes readers with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, bold colours, a clean uncluttered design and with featured content focused on all the important issues that our readers enjoy and appreciate in our print edition. And so much more…

“Don’t worry,” said Deborah Shatz, Alberta Native News editor. “Our website will not be replacing our renowned tabloid newspaper which has been reaching out to Aboriginal individuals and communities for 30 years. It will supplement it and enhance it. The site will allow us to traverse borders and reach a wider audience and provide more content without the restrictions and confines of the tabloid page, the monthly deadlines and the rising costs of the newspaper industry: printing, paper and postage.”

“The new website is just the beginning of Alberta Native News’ concerted effort to improve user experience, streamline and broaden access to information, while giving us a vehicle for better communication and interactions with First Nation, Métis and Inuit individuals and communities,” added Shatz.  “We will also feature a job board and an events calendar to help our readers stay current and a photo and art gallery that will continue to showcase the talent of emerging and accomplished Aboriginal artists. And we are issuing a call-out to communities for freelance contributors to help us promote more regional events. ”

Advantages of the new website include an attractive page layout, easy navigation and an interactive experience for readers. All the news will be right at their fingertips and it will be fully functional on their mobile devices. This year is dedicated to working together to bridge the gap in health, education, living conditions and employment opportunities. Alberta Native News will continue to be a leader in providing interesting and informative articles on Aboriginal business, land claims, role models, resource development, politics, art, culture, music and literature.

“We are very excited to spread our reach across the country and to bring Alberta Native News on-line in such a meaningful way,” concluded Shatz. “We’ll be adding fresh articles, photos and art on a weekly basis, so visit us today and visit us often!”

About Alberta Native News

Alberta Native News is an independent newspaper that has been publishing since 1984, distributing 14,000 copies each month to all First Nations, Metis Settlements, and Friendship Centres in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, The Yukon, NWT and Aboriginal Communities in Nunavut. It also reaches a wide variety of businesses and government offices and agencies in both rural and urban settings throughout these provinces.

For more information contact [email protected] or call 780-421-7966.


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