Xavier Kataquapit: Long Covid has affected thousands

Under the Northern Sky Columnist Xavier Kataquapit

by Xavier Kataquapit

(www.underthenorthernsky.com) – Summer has finally arrived and the warm weather has us all excited and out and about. We have all endured a difficult winter and in fact a challenging past three years of the Covid19 pandemic. We deserve to have a great summer.

The fact is that Covid19 is still alive and a threat to us. In Ontario the government is reporting that as of today June 7, 2022  526 people are in hospital with Covid19 and 114 in intensive care. In terms of death, if you are vaccinated with three doses you are generally safe from getting very ill if you get Covid19 or ending up in the hospital and dying. If you are not vaccinated there is more risk you could get very sick, end up in the hospital and perhaps die.

The good news is that Covid19 deaths mostly have to do with those over 80 years of age with 24,671 passing away in Canada as of the end of May 2022. To put things into perspective 8,765 people aged 70 to 79 passed away, 4,415 aged 60 to 69 died and 1,881 50 to 59 succumbed. There were 671 deaths in the age group 40 to 49, 316 died aged 30 to 39, 130 died ages 20 to 29, 18 in the age group 12 to 19 and 32 in those 6 to 11 years of age.

For anyone who was fully vaccinated and had any of the Covid19 variants, it seems their sickness was less severe, they were less likely to be hospitalized and less chance of deaths. For those who were not vaccinated the outcomes were more severe. It is understood that many people ended up with Omicron variants because of how contagious these variants were. However, many who ended up with Omicron hardly felt any symptoms.

I had one of the Omicron variants and I was sick for a week or more and then I coughed for more than a month. A couple of months later I developed symptoms again and coughed for a few more weeks. I wondered what on earth was going on and then I discovered a condition that is affecting thousands of people who had gone through Covid19. It is referred to as Long Covid.

I know so many people who are still feeling unwell and not back to their good health since having Omicron. They are complaining about brain fog, exhaustion, fatigue, a sore chest or back, sore throat, headaches and being short of breath on doing anything physical. Through recent study I have discovered that although there is a lot of research going on to discover just how wide spread Long Covid is there is some thought that it might affect about a third of the population who experienced Covid19. It seems that the more severe cases are in those who were not vaccinated however many people who were vaccinated and did not have severe symptoms are still experiencing Long Covid. Groups like the Long Covid Canada support group is assisting those who are experiencing this condition. People with severe cases have found they can not work, have trouble returning to a normal productive life and can not support family and friends as they did in the past.

Recent research points to the fact that people who had been infected with the virus experienced a reduction in grey matter and a greater cognitive decline compared with people who had not contracted Covid19. How’s that for scary?

There is so much we do not know about Covid19 and how it has affected those who ended up with it but research is going on all over the world now so we should know more soon. In the mean time the best way not to end up with Long Covid is not to get Covid19. So it is a good idea to get vaccinated and take preventative measures to protect yourself. Although everyone including our governments are acting like Covid19 has ended, the fact is that this is not true and the evidence is that this virus is still circulating and making people sick. The good news is that if you are not in the older age category you probably won’t end up in the hospital, in intensive care or die, however you could end up quite sick and then go on to develop Long Covid which could affect you for many years.

So the best idea is to keep on wearing a mask in public when you are in a building with many people, wash your hands often and do your best to stay away from others who seem to be sick. It is very difficult for doctors to diagnose long term Covid and there are no known treatments currently so it is very much every person for themselves at this point.

We can still have a great summer but we do have to be conscious that we need to be careful.

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