Two thrilling new APTN lumi originals to premiere at imagineNATIVE on Oct. 20

'Tales from the Rez' is one of two thrilling new APTN lumi originals that are set to premiere at ImagiNative in Toronto on Oct. 20 and will screen on APTN lumi the same day.

(TREATY 1 TERRITORY, WINNIPEG) — APTN is excited to announce the premiere of two highly anticipated APTN lumi Originals, Tales from the Rez and D dot H, set to debut at the upcoming imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Taking place from October 17 to 22 in Toronto, this festival showcases Indigenous talent and storytelling in a truly captivating manner. Both original series will premiere at the festival on October 20 and become available for streaming on APTN lumi the same day.

Tales from the Rez is a horror-comedy anthology series that breathes life into popular Blackfoot urban legends. Guided by Uncle Randalf, an Elder with one foot in the living world and one foot in the spirit world, the series presents unique screen adaptations of these legends. Each episode blends humour and spine-chilling suspense to offer a new twist on age-old tales.

D dot H is a captivating sci-fi dramedy that follows the adventures of Hannah and Doug, two misfits whose lives take a magical turn when they encounter the mysterious H. Guided by H, Hannah and Doug find themselves on a journey of magic, danger and love, all while combatting an evil villain. With a dash of humour, a touch of wonder and a dose of heroism, this series showcases the extraordinary parts of everyday life and the power of unity against the forces of darkness.

“APTN lumi strives to provide a platform where Indigenous creators can share their biggest and boldest ideas with digital audiences across the country,” said Lisa Ducharme, director of online content at APTN. “Series like Tales from the Rez and D dot H really exemplify this commitment. They represent the breadth and depth of Indigenous creativity, while offering stories that resonate with our viewers.”

Both Tales from the Rez and D dot H have participated in programs that support emerging creators in the Canadian media industry. Tales from the Rez earned recognition as a finalist in the 2019 imagineNATIVE/APTN Web Series Pitch Competition, while D dot H garnered support from the Bell Fund Short-Form Digital Series Program in 2022. These series—and the recognition they have received—highlight the diversity of Indigenous talent within digital media, both on-screen and behind the camera.

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