Get fully protected – get immunized against influenza and COVID-19

(November 2021) – Alberta’s 2021/22 influenza immunization program has started, offering influenza vaccine to all Albertan six months of age and older.

More than 19 months into the pandemic response, we need to keep working together to protect each other, our loved ones and our communities by rolling up our sleeves again this year to get immunized against influenza.

By keeping the number of influenza cases and outbreaks low, we can help protect at-risk Albertans and reduce the pressure on the healthcare system.

Immunization options

Like last year, AHS is working with community pharmacists and physicians to offer influenza immunization to all Albertans.

AHS public health clinics are offering immunization to those under five years of age and their immediate families or household members (under the age of 65). All other Albertans can get immunized at participating pharmacies and doctor’s offices.

Appointments are required at AHS clinics.

Online booking for appointments at AHS clinics and participating pharmacies is available through the province’s centralized vaccine booking tool. Go to to book an appointment today.

If you do not see appointments available online in your area, please contact your local pharmacy or doctor’s office directly to see if they are offering influenza immunization or walk-ins.

Call Health Link at 811 if:

  • you do not have a provincial health care number
  • you live in a community where there are no other immunizing healthcare providers
  • you need help booking one or multiple appointments for children and family members

Influenza is serious and immunization works. Book your flu shot today.

Get fully protected

COVID-19 and influenza are caused by different viruses.

Albertans need both COVID-19 and influenza vaccines to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

Don’t have your COVID-19 vaccine? It’s safe to get the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines at the same time.

Last influenza season was like no other, with zero reported cases of seasonal influenza in the province and record breaking vaccine uptake, with more than 1.65 million people having received their flu shot.

With the relative easing of some provincial public health measures and more people travelling this year, we anticipate to see some influenza cases and respiratory viruses circulating in our communities this season.

Getting immunized against influenza is more important this year, than ever before.

Our healthcare system has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Cases of influenza will put further strain on our system, and on our frontline healthcare workers, who are doing everything they can to support the health of Albertans.

We all must do our part to protect one another.

When Albertans get immunized, they protect not only themselves, but also the more vulnerable people around them, including seniors, young children, pregnant women, and those with chronic health conditions.




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