Empowerment through adversity: Amanda Paul-Wanotch’s journey with Chan International

Amanda Paul-Wanotch. (Photo supplied)

By Chevi Rabbit, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

(ANNews) – In a remarkable journey of resilience, empowerment, and spiritual awakening, Amanda Paul-Wanotch’s story stands as a beacon of hope. From enduring 23 years of violence to embracing her spiritual gifts, Amanda’s path has been marked by transformation and empowerment.

Amanda acknowledged her dual roles as both victim and abuser in her relationship, highlighting the toxic cycle rooted in unresolved issues. She pointed out the absence of healthy relationship guidance during her upbringing, particularly within Indigenous communities. Amanda emphasized the importance of implementing programs geared towards fostering healthy relationships and building self-esteem. She advocates strongly for these initiatives.

She explained, “I refuse to see myself as a victim. While I’ve endured significant challenges and trauma, I don’t allow these experiences to define me. Instead, I acknowledge the resilience within myself and my family, recognizing the ongoing work to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma. It’s a continuous journey, one that I embarked on initially for myself, but I now see the results benefiting not just me, but those around me as well, including my grandson, who serves as my muse.”

Collaborating with Chan International, a prominent model agency, Amanda brings a message of inclusivity and empowerment to the forefront of the fashion industry. “I’ve shifted my perspective from victimhood to empowerment,” she declares. “My spiritual gifts are not burdens, but blessings. They remind me that there is more to life than the pain of the past, and that we all have the power to empower ourselves and each other.”

Reflecting on her journey, Amanda shares, “Throughout my journey of overcoming 23 years of violence, I’ve come to embrace my spiritual gifts.” Her collaboration with Chan International provides a platform to amplify her message, challenging conventional norms and reshaping perceptions in the fashion industry.

A survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse, Amanda’s path has been marked by profound challenges. Diagnosed with PTSD and other labels by Western medicine, Amanda’s perspective underwent a profound shift through her spiritual awakening. “I’ve come to view these not as barriers, but as gifts,” she explains. “They allow me to connect with spirits, to feel their presence, and to receive messages that guide my healing journey.”

Her ability to communicate with spirits and channel messages through mediumship has become her primary mode of healing. “Through this connection, I’ve transcended the limitations imposed by my past experiences,” she reveals, illustrating the transformative power of embracing one’s spiritual gifts.

Challenging conventional notions of victimhood, Amanda asserts, “I don’t see myself as a victim ever. Yes, I have gone through all these things, I acknowledge that I’ve survived all those things, but I don’t use it as a crutch.” By shifting her perspective, she exemplifies resilience and inspires others to reclaim agency over their lives and narratives.

Beyond her personal journey, Amanda is deeply committed to supporting her community and cherishing Edmonton as her home. “I have a strong connection to Edmonton, and I’m proud to call it my home,” she shares. Through advocacy and community engagement, she fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment for all. Her love for Edmonton shines through as she works tirelessly to uplift and support her fellow residents.

Amanda’s story serves as a poignant reminder that many women, particularly those in Indigenous communities, endure the devastating effects of gender-based violence. Statistics reveal that nearly $200 million has been committed through the Gender-Based Violence Strategy, alongside a $100 million investment in the Feminist Response and Recovery Fund.

Additionally, a significant commitment of $601.3 million was made towards a National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence in 2021. These figures underscore the critical need for government investment in initiatives that not only protect and uplift survivors but also prioritize preventative programming measures.

Just as Amanda has found strength and resilience in her journey, so too must we as a society continue to advocate for comprehensive support systems and resources to combat gender-based violence and create safer, more inclusive environments for all. For further information on these initiatives, visit Liberal Party of Canada’s National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.

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