Carson Cardinal:  The importance of relationship in post-secondary education

Northern Lakes College graduate Carson Cardinal.

(NLC) – When Carson Cardinal decided to pursue a degree in psychology, he knew that living close to the support provided by his friends, family, and local church would play an important role in his success. Because of this, Carson chose to register in the Northern Lakes College University Studies Diploma program. This program allowed him to complete two years of his psychology degree while continuing to reside in his home community of Slave Lake, Alberta.

But Nicholson is only one of many faculty members Carson credits with adding to an encouraging environment. Even in simple daily interactions, Carson felt a sense of friendly support from administrative staff, librarians, and other instructors. He was also inspired by the academic challenges and psychological concepts introduced to him.

“I really enjoyed studying the work of Viktor E. Frankl, a psychiatrist who specialized in existential psychology. That kind of sparked this interest in me to learn how to help people find meaning and purpose and the will to live despite suffering and despite the pains that we all experience,” he explains.

After graduating from the Northern Lakes College University Studies program in 2018, Carson went on to complete his Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2021, and completed a Master’s degree in Education in 2022. He has found multiple opportunities open to him as a result of his post-secondary education. Carson’s work now focuses on cultivating healthy bonds in on-campus relationships; a value he shares with those who added to his educational experience at NLC.

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