Billi-j Heavyshields: A Guiding Light of Hope in Indigenous Healing and Wellness

Billi-j Heavyshields.

By Chevi Rabbit, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

(ANNews) – Billi-j Heavyshields, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Ikkinaa’pssi Soul Healing, stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of holistic wellness and spiritual healing. A member of The Kainai Nation, in southern Alberta, her personal journey of overcoming addiction has evolved into a source of inspiration and healing for many.

Billi-j’s path, rooted in her resilient Indigenous heritage, has led her to become a renowned Aápohkiyaiyaki (White Bear Woman) Intuitive Energy Reader. Her story is a testament to her inner strength and unwavering commitment to helping others.

Billi-j embarked on a mission to heal the deep-seated trauma within her family, a mission that took on even greater significance when her brother tragically went missing and was murdered two years ago. Through her journey, Billi-j unearthed her intuitive gifts, allowing her to connect with spirits and support others in their healing processes.

In her own words, Billi-j reflects, “I always knew that I was gifted in hearing and seeing spirits, but I was scared of it back then, not really understanding it. It’s only in the last five years that I started embracing my gifts to help others.” Her natural talent lies in intuitive energy reading, enabling her to tap into an individual’s energy, identify the origins of their pain within their body, and guide them on the path to healing.

Billi-j’s approach includes offering various services, such as online bookings, sharing sample readings on social media platforms like TikTok, and conducting recorded sessions through Zoom. These recordings allow clients to revisit their readings, providing ongoing guidance and reflection. While she officially registered her business in May, her presence on social media had already made her services accessible to a broader audience.

Client feedback and testimonials speak volumes about the profound impact of Billi-j Heavyshields’ services. She has carved out a niche for herself, earning the trust and respect of many, both within her community and beyond.

However, Billi-j’s vision extends beyond personal healing. She aspires to address the broader need for Indigenous healing and wellness. Her mission is to guide leaders within Indigenous communities – individuals who have their own experiences of trauma and also bear the responsibility of managing and mitigating lateral violence within their communities. Billi-j envisions offering workshops at the leadership level, nurturing healthy leadership, and promoting emotional well-being among decision-makers.

In her words, “It starts from the top and works its way down.” Her focus is on nurturing healthy leadership, acknowledging that a community’s well-being hinges on the emotional and mental health of its leaders.

Billi-j Heavyshields acknowledges the challenges along her path. While she dedicates herself to her business, she continues to maintain a 9-5 job in harm reduction and is a front-line worker, as an Opioid Peer Support Program Supervisor. She listens to the stories of those she seeks to help, striving to understand their needs and provide support. Her approach is compassionate, meeting individuals where they are and offering guidance on their journey toward healing.

Billi-j explains, “We’re like seeds deep in the earth, needing to grow through the dirt and rock of our trauma. These experiences are our lessons, teaching us strength.”

Billi-j Heavyshields is more than a healer; she is a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with trauma, addiction, and life’s challenges. Her journey from adversity to becoming a supervisor for an OPA Quick Peer Support Program is inspiring, while she concurrently develops a business aimed at helping others. Her message is clear: there is hope, even in the darkest moments.

Billi-j is living proof that healing is possible, and her mission is to share that hope and support those on their healing journey.

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