About the RCMP: Restorative Justice, Indigenous Youth Camps and we are recruiting

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(ANNews) – The RCMP in Eastern Alberta District are proactively working with our respective Indigenous communities building strong healthy relationships through encouraging dialogue and partnerships. As we move on in this new year 2024/2025-year, detachments will be reaching out to establish what the policing priorities for each Indigenous community. This information will become an integral part of the Detachment and Community Annual Performance Plan that includes measurables that are monitored and reported upon that will provide the RCMP with a road map of what the community sees as required priorities for safer communities.

Restorative Justice

In Eastern Alberta District the RCMP has been working with Indigenous communities encouraging the creation and use of Restorative Justice processes and practise. Restorative Justice has proven to be effective in ‘repairing the harm’ between those involved in conflict as opposed to entering the Judicial System. Eastern Alberta District has enlisted the assistance of a subject matter expert to assist with educating and guiding communities should they wish to develop a Restorative Justice System. Communities are encouraged to reach out to their detachment commander and discuss the possibilities of initiating this program. Restorative Justice and Indigenous Court systems require involvement from all stakeholders to have positive results.


Efforts to recruit young Indigenous people into vocational policing is ongoing. The RCMP’s Pro-Active Recruiting Section out of K Division Headquarters supports the detachments at career fairs, community events and schools encouraging potential candidates to apply as a regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Those interested in pursuing a career are encouraged to go online @ www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca for additional information.

Indigenous Youth Camps

Applications are now open for the Indigenous Youth Camps that take place at K Division Headquarters. This is a great opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 18 years to attend and learn firsthand what the RCMP has to offer by way of a career. These youth camps are of no cost to the applicants or their families, as all costs for the week are covered by the RCMP.  For additional information you can e mail KYOUTHCAMPS-KCAMPSDEJEUNES @RCMP-GRC.GC.CA. The deadline for applications for the youth camp is April 30, 2024, the camp dates are from August 12 to 16, 2024.

Choosing a career as a police officer in the RCMP is rewarding and it should acknowledged and appreciated of how many community members offer recognition and encouragement of the police officers that serve in your communities.

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