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Harvey Succarro receives Amiskawciy Academy Honour Blanket

Harvey Succarro receives Amiskawciy Academy Honour Blanket

by John Copley

(ANNews) – “Amiskwaciy Academy appreciates the work being done on behalf of the school by its many volunteers and community partners,” explains Elder Francis Whiskeyjack.

To show that appreciation, during one or more of its annual seasonal feasts, the academy “honours those we hold in high esteem” with the gift of a Pendleton or similar blanket that represents warmth and friendship. 

At the 2017 Amiskaciy Academy winter feast Harvey Succaro was the recipient of an Honour Blanket. 

Succarro is a social worker and volunteer who devotes much of his time to Amiskwaciy Academy and to Métis Child and Family Services where he is instrumental in helping the two community partners acquire food supplies. He also works with the Christmas Bureau. 

Harvey Succarro receives an Honour Blanket from Elders at the 2017 Amiskwaciy Academy winter feast – in appreciation for all his work at the school.

“Harvey is a sincere, respectful and caring person,” explained Elder Francis Whiskeyjack. “He goes the extra step to help our students, especially when it comes to making sure they have enough to eat. He has been a very good friend of the school for more than seven years. He is very humble and doesn’t like to take credit but the work he does is really helping our students.”

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